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English III Honors Summer Reading

English III Honors Summer Reading Assignment

Summer Reading Directions!

This summer you will pick one book from the list below that coordinates with your honors class. Your only job is to read the book over the summer. As honors students, we expect and will require  you to take notes, annotate, and ask questions in the margins of your text, or a separate document if using the PDF. You will turn these notes in with your quiz. 

When you return to school, you will complete a quiz within the first week to demonstrate your knowledge of the book’s plot, characters, setting, etc. Then, you will work on a semester-long project based on the book you chose. Your teacher will give you the due date for your semester project. 

Each book is available in PDF version, but you are encouraged to buy a physical copy to assist with annotations and notes as you read.

English III Honors- Pick 1 book